About Us



Who we are

BIKESydney is an incorporated not-for-profit community organisation.  We advocate on those who ride or want to ride bicycles in and through central Sydney.  We are affiliated with Bicycle NSW.


We want to live in a city …
Where riding a bicycle is part of everyday life
That is vibrant, healthy, productive, creative and robust
That values community, mobility, health, wellbeing social equity and sustainability
Where people of all ages can make easy choices to ride a bicycle, walk and take public transport


What we do
  • provides people who ride a bicycle with a strong collective and public voice
  • encourages the development of safe, direct cycling routes in a network that connects the villages within the City area, public transport and the CBD
  • participates in the City of Sydney’s Cycling Advisory Committee and the Sydney Traffic Committee
  • participates in government and industry consultative forums to voice the interests of bicycle users
  • organises and leads regular social rides and other fun events
  • provides a bicycle-valet parking service for events
  • brings bicycle users together to develop a connected and supportive community
  • provides information to bicycle users and the public about services and events
  • informs bicycle users of their rights and obligations
  • promotes the economic, social, health, environmental and fun value of cycling
  • raises the profile of cycling as an everyday means of transport
  • campaigns and lobbies on issues that affect bicycle users
  • collaborates with neighbouring bicycle advocacy groups and other organisations with a passion for community health, mobility and sustainability
  • serves as a contact for the media about cycling issues in Sydney



Cycling in a liveable Sydney

Email: cityride@bikesydney.org

Phone:+ 61 2 8213 2437

PO Box M59 Missenden Road, Camperdown, NSW, 2050

Find us on facebook - BIKESydney