Management Committee

BIKESydney’s management committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting. All committee members are volunteers.

President: David Borella

David was seduced into cycling by the endless separated cycleways of Canberra, which to a six year old, rendered a city a universe. Reaching its outer edges required day passes, plates of gnocchi and speed; which itself required ever-improved braking. The weekly overhaul of the bike became daily, and inevitably, upon recognising the need to upgrade the mania for middle age, re-constituted itself as advocacy for cycling infrastructure.  The only lesson learned was that there was no point fine-tuning that which was only ever going to be inadequate at best…. And that was just his experience as an advocate in London. Sydney has even faster and more menacing cars… We’ve even more need for the bicycle –  the very symbol of, and mechanism for returning our city to the human scale. People, bikes, connections, discussions….

Vice President: Nick Bonich

Nick was cleverly managing his bike cravings until the ripe old age of 30, when, after crying over some spilt milk, he thought he’d try something new. Upon moving to Sydney in 2008, selling the car and settling into the Eastern Suburbs, the rush kicked in: Nick’s hitherto suppressed passions for tinkering and going really, really fast melded into a full-blown bike obsession. Pumped full of two-wheeled passion, this one-man whirlwind is devoting his life (or at least the next 2 years) to becoming a cycling change agent – and inspiring, persuading, cajoling or outright badgering anyone he meets into finding bike love. For the first time in his life he sleeps peacefully, despite causing sleepless nights for others. But at least he shows up for meetings…

Secretary: Sarina Foulstone

Sarina’s love of bikes first arrived as a kid playing cops and robbers with her brother and sister around the local streets – always as the good guy of course. After many years away, she was inspired to get back into the saddle about 10 years ago by a work colleague who would walk past her desk every day in his cycling kit. Starting out again as a recreational rider checking out the sites of Western Sydney on her two-bob Trek, she thought riding from Ryde to Liverpool would be a cinch …but changed her mind on that on the ride home! Nonchalantly, Sarina embraced commuting by bike – now, her main mode of transportation – and is now convinced that her purpose on Earth is to encourage others that biking really is best.

Treasuer: Kirk Davis

Kirk’s busy with the numbers at the moment…


Ordinary Members (though we think of them as extraordinary members!)

Oliver Cashman

We’re still considering how to package Ollie’s bike greatness into just a paragraph…

Ordinary Member positions open



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