December 2010


Current issues we’re following up

  • Bike hazard caused by new chicanes in the intersection of Anzac Pde and Robertson Rd
  • Local road speed limits
  • Alexandra Canal Cycleway – filling the gaps
  • Concerns with Victoria Road Shared Path widening

Current projects we’re working on

  • Christmas party – 9th Dec
  • Bike Festival 2011
  • Community outreach: Sydney Sustainability Markets
  • Bicycle Valet Parking service for events
  • Maps of themed social rides
  • Legal resources for bicycle riders
  • BIKESydney membership strategy
  • BIKESydney IT strategy

What we’ve done

Thursday 23 December: Concerns raised about  Victoria Road Shared Path Widening

I notice that works for the Victoria Rd shared user path widening (in front of the former White Bay Hotel site) have recently commenced.
Further to our recent phone conversation, I forward to you our recommendations for improving the SAFETY of the shared path for both cyclists and pedestrians.
The refurbished shared path should incorporate the following measures:
1. the shared path’s junctions with both the Anzac Bridge shared path and the Victoria Rd overpass should be widened and fitted with improved lighting;
2. sight lines into the above junctions should be improved by judiciously and sensitively clearing obstructing scrub and trees;
3. the shared path should be de-cluttered of RTA signage poles which presently are very dangerous to cyclists.  Signage poles should be rationalised and consolidated;
4. notwithstanding the above, all signage poles should be relocated to the boundary edge of the shared path rather than being placed ON the path (as is currently the case).  The RTA would not design a roadway with similar obstructions.  The present layout of the shared path would be tantamount to negligent design or “malfeasance” and the State Government would have difficulty defending this design in a court of law;
5. the new, re-sheeted path should be appropriately cambered or cross-falled so that it drains properly – currently, heavy rain brings a torrent down the centre of the shared path;
6. the proposed eastern boundary fence (not the containment fence separating the bus shelters from shared path) around the bus shelters should be constructed so as to “minimise the possibility of cyclists snagging their handlebars or pedals…”. As indicated in Figure 7-15 (Section 7.6.2) of Austroads – Part 14 – Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice – Bicycles, a barrier consisting of a smooth hand rail set in advance of the vertical fence (so as to provide pedal clearance) would be suitable.  Notably, the fence should NOT be constructed from chain mesh fencing which presents a snag hazard to cyclists (refer p114 Austroads 14);
7. remove the hard edging of pit covers which (as they do now – refer to Robert st intersection) will again in future protrude above the surface of the path once the proposed re-sheeted surface has worn;
8. as required in Section 5.1 of Appendix D the RTA’s Traffic Signal Design Guide, all kerb/pram ramps must be installed WITHOUT lips (“bullnoses”). That is, the bottom section of ramps should be installed flush with the adjoining road surface. The vertical rises typically installed at the bottom edge of kerb ramps present a significant hazard for cyclists.  Further, the kerb ramps must also confirm to the minimum length (1.2m) and maximum slope (1:10) requirements outlined in Figure 6-44 of Austroads 14. In addition, good design would ensure that there is also no “evert” (where the upsloping gutter apron meets the road bitumen);
9. the existing Robert St kerb ramp is too narrow and mis-aligned as it currently forces cyclists and pedestrians from opposing directions into the other’s riding and walking lines. This is very dangerous given the presence of major traffic flows to either side of the crossing. The Robert St kerb ramp should be widened and realigned in accordance with the second figure of the RTA’s Technical Direction TDT 2002/08 so as to better separate opposing flows on the crossing;
10. despite the proposal’s improved separation between the shared path and the bus shelters, the future positioning of the bus shelters should be such that their advertising hoardings cannot obstruct sight lines for cyclists and pedestrians using the new shared path.  The City of Sydney has managed this arrangement suitably on its Bourke St cycleway. The obstruction of sight lines at the existing bus shelters is incredibly dangerous.  Merely separating the path from the bus shelter will not resolve this by default. Slim-line bus shelters or preferably, conventional bus shelters having transparent end panels should be used.  Significantly, at the last meeting of the Leichhardt Council Traffic Committee, the Chair (Clr Rochelle Porteous) indicated that Leichhardt Council would be prepared to forgo the revenue from the end-panel advertising and support the use of transparent end panels for the bus stops if safety was the consideration at the White Bay bus stops.  We urge BTBA to contact Council on this matter.
Bicycle NSW and the Leichhardt Bicycle Users Group (LBUG) presented these recommendations in person to the Member for Balmain, Verity Firth this week (21 Dec 2010). She indicated her support for the recommendations and that she would be forwarding them to the relevant Ministers.
We look forward to receiving your responses on these issues and your implementing these measures for the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists using the shared path.
We look forward to reporting back positively to the local Member and interested cycling representatives once the works are completed in February.
Please feel free to call me should you have any questions.
David Borella
BIKESydney – Vice President
City of Sydney Traffic Committee
Leichhardt Bicycle Users Group (LBUG)
Leichhardt Council Bicycle Advisory Committee

Tuesday 14 December: BIKESydney Twilight Kitsch Kristmas Ride

A gentle ride cruising around the inner west taking a gander at the festive lights and glitter.

Thursday 9 December: BIKESydney Christmas Party

About 35 BIKESydney folk gathered in Glebe and celebrated the year by raising a glass at the Toxeth Hotel.  The Feather Brigade surreptitiously and delightfuly beflowered everyone’s bikes while we were partying. Thanks all for celebrating a great year with us.

Tuesday 7 December: ABC Science, Bicycle Scheme reveals rider behaviour

BIKESydney was quoted in a story about recently released data from the Lyon Bicycle Share Scheme in France.  The study found riders travel faster on Wednesdays  and average speeds greater than cars in peak hour traffic.

Thursday 2 December: Legal Resource Planning

BIKESydney and Redfern Legal Centre held a brainstorming session to plan the development of the legal resources for bicycle riders. Both organisations will be working hard over the summer and we expect first drafts by February.


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