October 2010


Current issues we’re following up

  • Bike hazard in Miller and Saunders Street Pyrmont
  • Bike hazard caused by new chicanes in the intersection of Anzac Pde and Robertson Rd
  • A truck  parked for extended time on the Kent Street bike path after being reported to city rangers
  • Light Rail project application for the Cooks Rover to Iron Cove Greenway
  • City of Sydney’s shared path marking trial
  • Local road speed limits

Current projects we’re working on

  • Bike Festival 2011
  • Community outreach: Sydney Sustainability Markets
  • Bicycle Valet Parking service for events
  • Maps of themed social rides
  • BrainsTrust: Bike Culture
  • BIKESydney membership strategy
  • BIKESydney IT strategy

What we’ve done

Tuesday 26 October: BIKESydney monthly meeting

Monday 25 October: Bicycle Valet at Sydney City Talks

We parked about 40 bikes in the coral at the Sydney Town Hall for the City Talks on Monday. A big thank you to our volunteers  Naomi, Jacqui, Jo and Michael and our marshal Yogi.

I attended the city talk last night at Town Hall. It was a good evening and I thank the city for hosting the event.

I wanted to also pass on how impressed I was with the bicycle parking service. It was fantastic. I was a little stressed out about leaving my bike “somewhere” during the event but leaving it with the great bike people was a load off my mind.

Please pass on my thanks to all those involved, but especially those who worked the bicycle parking.

Feedback provided to the City of Sydney about our service!

Saturday 23 October: Promoting bicycle transport at the Sydney Sustainable Markets

A big thank you to Susan Godwin from Rocket Fuel for providing our first pants patching service for riders at the markets, Susan stitched up the pockets and seams of 10 pairs of pants.

We also handed out bicycle maps, information about shopping by bike and urban riding guides.

We’ll be back at the markets, sewing machine at the ready, on Sat November 27 from 9am-1pm.

Wednesday 20 October: Sydney Traffic Committee

David Borella represented the interests of bicycle riders at the Sydney Traffic Committe.

Stage 2 of Kent St Cycleway (between Liverpool & Druitt Streets) was approved. We raised concerns about the proposed light phasing.

Saturday 16 October: Youth Food Movement Ride On Dinner

Elaena rode the BIKESydney Cabby and acted as a sweep/compost truck for the ride. An excellent food adventure in the back streets of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst.

Wednesday 13 October: Ride to Work

BIKESydney joined with the Watershed to show off the bikes from the Bike Library at the City of Sydney’s free breakfasts.

Tuesday 12 October + Wednesday 13 October: Bike Festival 2011

Elaena, David, Nick, Jo, Elizabeth, Josh and Mitch spent a few hours brainstorming ideas for a big bike festival next year. The creative juices were really flowing and continued on Wednesday when Jo, Susan and Elaena got together for more imaginings. We’re really excited about how this might shape up. If you’re interested in helping out please do get in touch.

Tuesday 12 October: Radio 702 Interview

Elaena Gardner was interviewed by ABC Radio 702 about Ride to Work.

Tuesday 12 October: Giving evidence at NSW Staysafe Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users

Elaena Gardner and David Borella appeared at the NSW Staysafe Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users. We had an opportunity to make an opening statement. This is what we said.

BIKESydney represents the interests of people who ride bicycles for transport in the City of Sydney. We want to live in a city where riding a bicycle safely and comfortably is part of everyday life.

Our submission was quite long but we’ve boiled it down to six key ideas.

Firstly …Creating a safe cycle-friendly environment is not rocket science; it is a matter of political will and leadership.  We need programs that legitimise cycling as an essential form of transport – one that is deserving of infrastructure, promotion and investment.

The crux of the safety problem for bicycle riders centres on the fact that there is lack of planning for them and that the road system is predominantly designed for the movement of cars, not for the movement to people.

2. Reporting dangers and incidents needs improvement. More bicycle riders are being injured and injuries are under reported. We do not include road rage assaults in road injuries – this seems to be a serious issue for Sydney bicycle riders. We need a more thorough reporting system which includes an ability to report near misses, conflict points, road maintenance issues and dangerous driving.

3. The legal system must recognise bicycle riders as legitimate road users. Police inaction in response to complaints about dangerous driver behaviour and inconsistency by the courts send a message to the general public that bicycle riders are not equally valued citizens. This must be reversed.

4. Cycling gets safer the more people ride – and so we need to actively encourage more people to ride.

There is good evidence from around the world to support the idea that cycling gets safer the more people do it.

This can be done by:

  • the government adopting a long term goal to eliminate death and serious injury to bicyclists,
  • improving driver behaviour with ongoing education campaigns,
  • enforcing road rules, particularly around mobile phone use and speed,
  • amending the Australian Road Rules – particularly in relation to introducing shared zones on pedestrian crossings and reviewing mandatory helmet legislation
  • creating more welcoming and cycle-friendly streets,
  • training people to cycle with more confidence – including kids, and
  • implementing well designed, well connected and well maintained infrastructure.

Safer cycling infrastructure is not always visible and not always cycling-specific.  Speed management is critical.

BIKESydney believes that the general urban speed limit of 50 or 60 km/h is no longer acceptable. A 30 km/h limit is more appropriate for the safety of all road users.

5. Adequate funding is essential.

The NSW Bike Plan has a total allocation of $208 million over 10 years – it’s simply not enough. Ten years ago the Govt pledged $250 million for cycling projects over the same timeframe.

The NSW Government must, as a matter of urgency, review the budget allocation to cycling projects. If it is to reach its target of having 5% of trips made by bicycle by 2016, it must allocate a similar percentage of its roads capital expenditure to bicycle specific infrastructure and programs.

6. We must truly embrace the Safe System approach to road safety policy.

This approach puts people at its heart and aims to ensure the safe mobility of all citizens. It makes all road users responsible not only for their own safety but the safety of other road users.

We believe that the current state of road planning in NSW reflects a widespread lack of understanding of the Safe System approach.

We recommend that the NSW Government recommits to the Safe System approach and enshrines it in its new road safety strategic planning documents for the next decade.

So in summary…

  • We need to tackle the issue of road safety for bicycle riders boldly and with confidence that we can make a difference.
  • We need to find a better way of reporting dangers and incidents.
  • We need to be recognised by the legal system as legitimate road users.
  • We need to encourage more people to ride.
  • We need to make sure funding is adequate.
  • We must truly embrace the Safe System approach.

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for this opportunity to meet with you today and present our point of view.

Tuesday 12 October: Roger Geller presentation at Town Hall

Roger Geller, Bicycle Coordinator from Dept of Transport Portland (Oregon US) had some great insights to share about how to encourage more people to adopt bicycles as everyday transport.

Sunday 10 October: Bike Valet at the Cooks River Eco Festival

A big thanks to Pia and Elizabeth who gave us a huge hand with bike valet parking today at the Cooks River Eco Festival. We parked 75 bikes – a record number with kids seats. Great to see so many families out and about on their bikes on the Cooks River path. Hope everyone who went to the festival had a lovely time – we sure did.

Friday 8 October: BIKESydney membership strategy meeting

Adrian Emilsen hosted a gathering to thrash about some ideas around membership and BIKESydney. Excellent home made pizzas Adrian! More later about this exciting initiative.

Tuesday 5 October: Collaboration with Youth Food Movement

Elaena Gardner met with Suzie Hunter from the Youth Food Movement to help plan the route for the Ride On Moveable Feast planned for Sunday Oct 16.


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