March 2012

The first BIKESyd Social Lounge on Friday March 30 drew in about 25 keen bike riders. The evening is largely a chance to meet up with other people who love riding. But at 8pm everyone has an opportunity to gather and hear what bike projects people are working on.

We talked about…

Admissibility of video evidence
David Borella  has organised for a legal firm to provide advice about the admissibility of video evidence. This has been organised via PILCH (with advice from Brenda Bailey).

Cycling and older people
Chloe Mason has been involved in an ongoing research project looking at older people and cycling.

Cycle Recycle
Dan raised concerns about the current location of cycle-recycle and felt it was off-putting to many people. Is anyone interested in setting up a cycle-recycle type service in central Sydney?

Doggy Pedal Parade
The first annual doggy pedal parade will be on 29 April in the CBD. Bring your dogs, real or otherwise, or dress up as a dog. BIKESydney will look into providing  a face painter for the event.
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Punchbowl Boys on Bikes Program (BOB)
BOB is run  by Mitch Arvidson on a voluntary basis. The program teaches boys to repair and maintain bikes which are then made available for school sport and transport. The boys are encouraged to teach the skills to younger students. There is a ride in Bankstown and a community festival on 5 May 2012. Mitch is looking for people to create communication tools to help gain funding and recognition of the program. This could include creating a video of the program or preparing a written case study with photographs.
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New Illawarra Debris
There has been a build up of debris on the shoulder along New Illawarra Road. Pia has asked the RMS to attend to this and they have agreed to do so. RMS have intimated a cleanup should occur in the next few weeks.

Orange Council
Orange Council is very pro-cycling.  The Bicycle NSW Discovery weekend was recently held there with the support of the council who are now investigating making it an annual event. The council has prioritised cycle routes while fixing the roads post flooding.  They have allocated $3.5million for cycling.  520 people attended the Discovery weekend.
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NSW Transport Long Term Masterplan
NSW Transport Masterplan submissions of response are due late April.  Chloe is preparing a response with several people based organisations (Western Sydney Community Forum, Sydney Alliance) and will distribute to others to enable mass responses.  The plan should be about active and public transport with a focus on people and transport in urban areas.  Chloe will make the response available for others when completed.  BikeSydney are also preparing a submission will be available on their website once completed.  Help is needed in spreading the message appropriately.  
More information:$FILE/Submission%20No.%2042%20-%20BIKESydney.pdf

Commute Video library
BIKESydney is looking to produce a commuter video library and are looking for people who may be able to assist with route setting, appearing on camera and video editing.

Earth Ride
Earth Ride is on tomorrow night starting at Quakers Hill and a halfway moonlight picnic.
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Lucas Heights Ride
Is there interest in a ride out to the Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor for their open day next week.
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Check out the website Velo PLano, a website that maps cycling hazards.
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City of Sydney Complaints and Compliments
Complaints in the Sydney LGA re: cycling infrastructure should be sent to Fiona Campbell.   Compliments about cycling in the Sydney LGA should be sent to Clover Moore and the Roads Minister (Duncan Gay).
Email addresses for compliments:;

City of Sydney Grants
Matching grants are available through the City of Sydney.  Funding is available for projects that take place even partly within the CoS LGA.  The funding does not cover labour but will cover supplies and equipment.  The grant amount should be matched by volunteer labour.  Appropriate forms can be found on the CoS website. 
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BIKESydney Touring Information Session
BIKESydney will be hosting a Bike Touring Info session in August or September.  At this stage it is most likely to be at Redfern Town Hall and will include talks on touring experiences and information stalls from touring suppliers.  If you are able to be involved or have a contact who may be please let them know to get in contact with BIKESydney.


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