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Here’s what we’ve been up to in 2014. Well, from September at least. 🙂
Sorry, we just haven’t been able to update this page regularly.  It’s been a massive year.
There’s plenty happening every month.  It’s just that we were flat out doing the advocacy…
We’d love your assistance to keep the website up to date 😉



What we’ve been up to in SEPTEMBER 2014


Mon 22 Sept:  Sydney Airport draft Transport Plan for Domestic Terminal

Submission and campaign to encourage submissions from the community to have cycling properly included in the Airport’s transport network.


Fri 19 Sept: Strategic Relationships

Spoke with the potential collaborators (individual’s photography project and a key organisation).


Wed 17 Sept: Meeting with the City of Sydney Cycling Team

We sat with the City of Sydney to identify the factors (criteria) that should inform which REGIONAL cycleways should come next.


Tue 16 Sept: Meeting with Transport for NSW

TfNSW responded to our request for a meeting devoted to cycling’s integration with the CBD and South East (Eastern Suburbs) Light Rail Project. The meeting was a productive one and set up a platform for ongoing collaboration with TfNSW.


Sun 14 Sept: Bike Valet Parking – Randwick Eco-Living Fair 2014

2014-09-14 - Randwick EcoLiving Fair BVP


Thu 4 Sept:  Update and Big News from the City of Sydney’s Cycling Advisory Committee

First up, the HUGE NEWS! that..

The RMS is now investigating options for a cycleway connecting to the southern approach of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Score!  Our campaigning has hit the mark!


The RMS is also “looking into” developing the Moore Park Rd corridor including its crossing into Surry Hills.  Could it be that BIKEast’s “Drivers Triangle” Bridge (pdf download) may see the light of day yet?….

[Let’s just rest a while… ]


Castlereagh St Cycleway: Detailed Design very close to completion. BIKESydney has been meeting regularly with the RMS/Lend Lease Alliance with view to avoiding having cycleway travel lanes narrowed (to a total width of 2.3m or even, 2.2m). We have insisted that they not be held at 2.4m (the width of existing CBD Cycleways, eg Kent St Cycleway). We are insisting that space first be won back from the vehcile travel lanes, but are otherwise looking closely at other design elements to ensure that we achieve 2.4m.

Pitt St Cycleway: Initiation design commenced

King St Cycleway (Clarence to Castlereagh Sts): Design work to commence mid September 2014

Campbell St Cycleway: expected to be completed before Christmas 2014

George St Cycleway: The development of the cycleway through Waterloo Green is on hold pending approval from Department of Land and Housing. Current status: Waterloo Green residents fear conflicts between frail residents and riders and insisting that cyclists be made to dismount and walk across Waterloo Green.  BIKESydney is advocating for cycling access through Waterloo Green to be upheld and has suggested options to the City of Sydney.  We call out to the riding community to go slow and encourage safe riding through Waterloo Green, and we’re open to receiving ideas on how to make this space work for everyone.

Broadway Link (Wilson St to Mary Ann St):
Construction contract was advertised August 2014
Target completion: mid 2015
New signalised intersections at Meagher / Abercrombie and Cleveland / Shepherd to be installed

Eastern Suburbs Connectors:
Flinders St, Albion St and Short St footpath improvements now complete. Pavement linemarking scheduled for Sept 2014.
William St, Macquarie St St Mary’s Rd and Greens Rd to follow.

Bourke St Connector (between Bourke St and Bourke Rd):
Design development complete
Project to be delivered in stages:
1) east side footpath improvements
2) west side mid-block paving
3) intersection and traffic signals

Green Square Town Centre
Currently in concept design and traffic modelling
Cycleways proposed for new internal roads as well as Zetland Ave, Portman St and Geddes Ave
BIKESydney met separately with the City of Sydney to discuss opportunities (cycling desire lines, car-free streets, through-site access, block granularity)

Lawson St Cycleway (connecting Little Eveleigh St to Wells St)
Consultants appointed -design development option being reviewed


2014-09 - Proposed Lawson St Cycleway-2


City Cycling Courses
Cycling in the City (283), Bike Maintenance (505), and Schools (703) courses going strong, but kids Balance Bikes Clinics going through the roof (2339))
(number of participants in the last 3 months)

Bike Parking
New on-street bike parking corral planned for Crown Street (advocated by BIKESydney in our submission to Crown St upgrade (Aug 2013))

The City now has a facility for reclaiming and recycling abandoned bikes. While their processes are taking shape, report any abandoned bikes in the meantime using our free smartphone app, Go!Fix.


Issues and Projects we’re currently tracking

  • Sydney Airport draft Transport Plan
  • CBD Cycleways – Construction detail
  • WestConnex – Airport East Enabling Works
  • Sunday Streets in Sydney – Please “Like” the “Sunday Streets in Sydney” facebook page



  • Huge!!! We’ve woken the beast: The RMS is now investigating the Syd Harbour Br Southern Approach path.  Our campaign cuts through
  • On the back of campaigning led by cousins BIKEast, the RMS is now “looking into” developing the Moore Park Rd corridor *including a crossing into Surry Hills*
  • Crown St Bike Corral  (Read our Aug 2013 submission)
  • Resisting the RMS squeezing the widths of the upcoming Castelreagh St Cycleway to less than 2.4m.  The first battle won?


We would welcome your assistance with…

You can view our ongoing callout for volunteers here, but we’re looking for immediate assistance with:

  • Comms expertise – Engaging our community
  • Appraising infrastructure and urban design proposals (such as these)
  • Submissions – to local and State Governments (see examples on our Submissions page)
  • Campaign Champions (eg: Sydney Airport)
  • Copywriting or submitting articles (fun journalistic pieces on bikes for the website, like this article for example)
  • Local bike-love photography (submit some of your favourite shots)
  • Graphic design
  • Website
  • Volunteering a few hours at Bike Valet Parking
  • …or whatever your expertise, we’d be keen to have you contribute




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