Harbour Bridge South

UPDATE (Sept 2014)


As revealed at the September meeting of the City of Sydney’s Cycling Advisory Committee, the RMS is now investigating options to have the Harbour Bridge Southern Approach path (referred to below) included in its Toll Booth Precinct upgrade.  Score!


UPDATE (Jan 2014)
Read the Member for Sydney’s letter to the Roads Minister requesting action on the matters raised in this article.

UPDATE (Dec 2012)
Read the Member for Sydney’s letter to the RMS calling for much needed cycling infrastructure improvements to be included in the Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Precinct Upgrade Works.


5 December 2012

The State Government is about to re-design the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s southern precinct on the back of needing to remove the now disused tool booths. However, there is no plan to upgrade the bike path at the southern approach to the Bridge.

BIKESydney has made a submission to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Toll Plaza Precinct Upgrade Project to urge the State Government to take this opportunity to upgrade this vital corridor which now sees far more bike trips than car trips.

The Upper Fort St cycling corridor includes the footbridge over the Cahill Expressway corkscrew ramp which confronts cyclists with steep grades, too narrow a path and blind corners.

BIKESydney believes that the Project’s scope should be broadened to incorporate a four-laned cycleway along Upper Fort Street and the upgrade of the corkscrew overpass bridge, both of which will be achieved most cost-effectively through this project. The need for a four-laned cycleway along Upper Fort Street is recognised in the City of Sydney’s Masterplan for Observatory Hill. The limiting factor here is that the Roads & Maritime Services is solely responsible for the corkscrew ramp footbridge and the motorway wall which now protrudes into the space required for the proposed cycleway.

We’re urging people to draw on our submission to also send a short note to the RMS and the Minister for Transport to alert them to this important need.


Roads & Maritime Services (Project Manager)

Minister for Roads & Maritime Services

Minister for Transport

Premier of NSW

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