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Winner Special Achievement Award by a Bicycling Organisation – The Cycling Promotion Fund Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards 2010

BVP at the Bike Film Festival – Newtown

What is Bike Valet Parking?

Bike valet parking is like a coat check for bicycles. Patrons are issued claim checks in exchange for their bikes and our staff guard them in a secure corral.

Let our reputation work for you.

People don’t ride to events where their bikes aren’t safe. Valet service ensures that even accessories will not be stolen. Cyclists appreciate the extra security, the friendly service and the acknowledgement that they deserve special treatment.

Encourage safe cycling

We care about rider safety too. If we notice a potentially dangerous mechanical problem, we alert the rider and with their permission, if we can, we’ll fix it on the spot.

Keep your event tidy

Why turn your staff into bad guys when crowd issues require you to exclude bicycles? Adding bike parking allows them to be positive and friendly when directing cyclists to the parking corral. As a bonus, people who would have locked to poles and fences will seek out the corral instead.

Reduce traffic problems

Several thousand cars descending on an event means community disruption and attendees grumpy from long searches for parking. Given a little encouragement many will come by bike, and then be pleasantly surprised when they can ride right into the event.

Increase attendance

Faced with the nightmare of driving in the city, many people prefer to ride to local events, but can’t really enjoy themselves if they’re worried about their bikes. Secure parking means more will visit and stay longer.

Complete service saves you time and hassle

You could run your own bike parking corral, but why bother? Our complete service means no hassles. All you need to do is mention the service in your advertising and notify your security personnel. We plan, set up, take down and run the corral.
What’s the process?

Event liaison

BIKESydney meets with the event organisers to discuss the venue, the event, expected numbers, and any special requirements.

Proposal submitted

BIKESydney meets submits a quotation outlining approach and costs associated with providing bike valet parking for the event.

Site recognisance and planning

BIKESydney visits the event site and prepares a site plan including suggested signage points, location and set-up of the parking, lighting requirements (if needed) and risk management plan. The site plan is submitted with Bike Sydney’s insurance certificate to the event organisers for approval.


BIKESydney books equipment, liaises with third-party suppliers and organises staff for the event.


BIKESydney’s Bike Valet Marshal briefs Valet Parking Staff on procedures including risk mitigation. Bike Valet Staff meet equipment providers and set-up the parking area as detailed in the site plan.

Event parking

Bike Valet Marshal coordinates staff and provision of service across the event. Cyclists to the event are directed to the event by clear signage at entrance points to the venue. They are met with a smile and hello by staff at the parking entrance. They swap their bike for an individually numbered check tag and a chocolate. Staff advise them of closing time and wish them a good time. On return, staff swap the tag for their bike.


BIKESydney dismantles all the equipment and stacks it for collection by third party providers.


BIKESydney reports to Event Organisers on the number of bicycles parked during the event and notes any areas that need improvement for future events.


David: 0416 055 266


“”It’s a pleasure working with Bike Sydney at Laneway Festival 2015. Dave and the team are organised and self sufficient and the service is greatly appreciated by our punters”, Essy Prescott, Chugg Entertainment
“I have just read your report which is fantastic. Thank you for doing such a great job and going over and above to promote cycling in our city.” Belinda Brooke, City Talks Team Leader, City of Sydney
“Just a quick email to thank you for the great job last night at the valet bike parking. We really appreciated having you guys there, freezing in the cold for us!”
Janine Tunny, Community Engagement Coordinator, City of Sydney
“Thanks so much for this succinct and clear report. And the excellent service!!!”
Vera Zaccari, Road Safety & Sustainable Transport Officer, Leichhardt Council
“Thank you for your installation on Saturday – it all looked great.”
Justin Levy, Director, DialoguePR
“Thank you to you and your team for making this happen, there was obviously a huge demand and your service was the answer!”
Robert Bozza, Venue Operations and Logistics Coordinator, Centennial Parklands (re: Tropfest 2013)

Events we’ve served


Laneway Festival 2015 (for Chugg Entertainment)

Sydney Festival – Symphony in the Domain 2015 (for City of Sydney)

Sydney Festival – Summer Sounds 2015 (The Domain) (for City of Sydney)


Tropfest 2014 (for Centennial Parklands)

Rozelle Village Fair 2014 (for Leichhardt Council)

Glebe Street Fair 2014 (for City of Sydney)

Newtown Festival 2014 (for City of Sydney)

Sydney Rides the Night 2014 (for City of Sydney)

Marrickville Festival 2014 (for Marrickville Council)

Sydney Rides the City (for City of Sydney)

Randwick Eco-Living Fair 2014 (for Randwick Council)

East Side Ride 2014 (for eastside fm)

City of Sydney City Talks (various)

Pyrmont Food and Wine Festival 2014 (Pirrama Park)

Mothers Day Classic 2014 (The Domain)

Mardi Gras Fair Day 2014 (Victoria Park)

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle)

Australia Day 2014 (Hyde Park – for the Premiers Department)

Australia Day 2014 (Parramatta Park)

Sydney Festival – Symphony in the Domain 2014

So Frenchy, So Chic in the Park 2014 (St Johns Oval)

Sydney Festival – Summer Sounds 2014 (The Domain)


Tropfest 2013, Centennial Park (Centennial Parklands, new client)

Glebe Street Fair 2013

Newtown Festival 2013

Marrickville Festival (Marrickville Council, new client)

Spring Cycle, Pyrmont

Global Rhythms

Sydney Rides Film Festival 2013

Sydney Rides Festival 2013 Opening Day

Jurassic Lounge, Australian Museum

City of Sydney City Talks (including David Suzuki presentation)

Randwick Eco-Living Fair 2013

East Side Ride 2013 (for eastside fm)

The Spot Festival 2013, Randwick

Mardi Gras Fair Day 2013

City of  Sydney City Talks

Australia Day: (Bike corrals in both Parramatta Park and Hyde Park (New client: State Premiers Department)

Sydney Festival: Symphony in the Domain

Sydney Festival: Summer Sounds – The Domain

Sydney Festival: Day One (Bike corrals in both Hyde Park and The Domain)


Glebe Street Fair

Newtown Festival

Surry Hills Festival

Sydney Rides Festival

Bicycle Film Festival

The Brookvale Show 2012

Fairfax BBQ Madness (Pyrmont Park Growers Market)

Green Ups: For the Love of Bikes

Randwick Eco-living Fair

City of Sydney City Talks

Greenway Rally

The Spot Festival Randwick

Mardi Gras Fair Day

Sydney Festival: Symphony in the Domain

Sydney Festival: Summer Sounds

Sydney Festival: First Night (Bike corrals in both Hyde Park and the Domain)


Bicycle Film Festival

Green Ups

Randwick Eco Festival

City of Sydney City Talks

Sydney Festival: Summer Sounds

Sydney Festival: First Night (Bike corrals in both Hyde Park and the Domain)


Newtown Festival

Cooks River Eco Festival

Green Ups

Bicycle Film Festival

Sydney Food and Wine Festival

Randwick Eco Festival

City of Sydney City Talks

Sydney Festival: Symphony in the Park

Sydney Festival: Summer Sounds

Sydney Festival: First Night (Bike corrals in both Hyde Park and the Domain)


Leichhardt Council Big Bike Day

Newtown Festival

Bicycle Film Festival: four day event with corrals in two locations each day

Randwick Eco Festival

Green Ups: Bike

Paddington Alive Festival

City of Sydney City Talks: March, June, August and September

Surry Hills Festival

Waverley’s 150th anniversary street party

Leichhardt Council Acoustica Festival


Cycling in a liveable Sydney


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