Cycling and Light Rail

  We’re getting on the front foot and engaging directly with the design team of the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail project to ensure cycling outcomes.  We know that the only prospect for real change is to engage early in the process and to champion the benefits that cycling can bring to the […]

Sydney Rides Festival

Check out the great program of events at this year’s Sydney Rides Festival. Bicycle art, Fanciful rides, A hill climb, Workshops, Sydney Rides the Night – a spectacular night-time harbourside event… Whether you ride a little, a lot or not at all – there’s an event for you. Gather your friends and start filling your […]

Amazed? Stunned.

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) is proposing to install a 180m long and 6m wide garden structure (entitled “A-maze”) in the middle of Pyrmont Bridge. SHFA appears to have paid only lip service to the installation’s effect of obstructing the 70,000 pedestrian and cycling trips across the bridge each weekday, increasing the risk of […]

UTS Bike Club

BIKESydney attended the launch of the University of Technology Housing Service’s Bike Club in early April. Ella Bothmann-Barlow investigated further.   I’m on my way to chat with Andrew Redgrave about UTS Housing’s newly launched Bike Club.  I’d hoped to get myself from my Darlinghurst office to Ultimo on my much-loved bicycle.  Instead, I chicken […]

Vamping Sydney Park

Sydney Park about to Change. (Have your say)

BIKESydney is calling for more people-orientated design for the new Draft Plan of Management for Sydney Park which is now open for public comment. You can view the entire Plan via the Project’s “Document Library” link (8.3MB) or download the key excerpts of the Plan here (1.9MB).) The key points of the Draft Management Plan […]

State Govt delays AGAIN

  BIKESydney MEDIA STATEMENT 26 June 2013   BIKESydney calls on the State Government to deliver its Central Sydney Access Strategy.   In deferring the delivery of the Central Sydney Access Strategy (the integrated transport plan for the CBD), the State Government has again blocked the delivery of critical cycling infrastructure in the CBD. Potentially terminally. The […]

Bikes & Buses as Buddies

  “…If you want to go, wave hello and let me know”   Extending from our initiation of the investigation in early 2012, BIKESydney recently participated in a workshop aimed at improving road interactions between bikes and buses. The workshop was funded by the City of Sydney (CoS) and facilitated by the Institute for Sustainable […]


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