BrainsTrust Seminar 7


BIKESydney will be presenting another of our free, public Brainstrust seminars which will make the case that the delivery of cycling infrastructure should not be left to be the responsibility of governments.  Doing so leaves cycling provisioning too exposed to the nuanced political environment.

Come to hear how bicycles bring innovation, flair, liveable environments and profit to urban developments.

The seminar will definitively bust the myth that cycling is just a transport obligation. The notion that cycling is a cost burden is simply antiquated, rather, it creates value. Creating spaces that work for bikes AND development has many pay-offs. The evening will showcase global and local examples of how bicycle-oriented development creates the kinds of places people want to move to and that developers want to build.

Our presenters are drawn from the fields of architecture, academia, property management, sustainability and planning.  The talks will be followed by a robust panel discussion and Q+A.


  • Dr Steven Fleming is an architect, academic, and writer with a PhD in philosophy and architecture. He leads a unique design studio looking at creative architectural responses to cycling and has lectured in UK, Netherlands and the US on the concept of “cycle-space”;
  • Emlyn Keane, Head of Property Management and Sustainable Performance at AMP Capital Investors, Emlyn Keane will outline what they are doing to promote cycle-friendly development as a major owner of commercial CBD office buildings. Emlyn will showcase some new facilities and the economic drivers behind their creation;
  • Silvija Smits, Specialist Planner, NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. As a project manager on the NSW Urban Activation Precincts, Silvija will give a status update on the current precincts, and explain what is happening to rebalance all the transport modes at these locations. A former Principal of Planning at Hassell and cyclist, she provides perspective from both sides of the cycle path;
  • Michael File, Director, Strategic Assessment, NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. Michael is responsible for the management and overall direction of the UAP program. Michael is also a cyclist.


For architects, planners, property professionals and anyone interested in the role cycling can play in making better places.

Presented as part of the Sydney Rides Festival.


BIKESydney Brainstrust 7 – The Dollars and Sense of Building for Bikes

Location:  Tusculum House, 3 Manning Street, Potts Point

Date: 22 October 2013

Time: 6pm for 6:30pm start

Free bike parking will be available


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