Bridge to Bridge – Sydney's first complete cycleway route

Map by Sydney Morning Herald

Bike riders coming from the Inner West or the North Shore to the CBD can now enjoy a safer journey with the opening of City of Sydney’s first completed cycleway route.

Clover Moore officially launched the route connecting the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge at the National Ride to Work Day breakfast in Hyde Park on Wednesday Oct 13.

The Bridge to Bridge route is 2.6km long, and is mostly separated cycleway, separating bikes from the traffic.

“Connectivity is the key to supporting safe, convenient cycling. The community told us they wanted a good bike network and I am excited to declare the first part of it open.”

“Already, well over 1100 riders are using the Union Street route in the morning and evening travel times, and these numbers will only grow,” Ms Moore said.

Sydney communities consulted for Sustainable Sydney 2030 said they wanted safe cycling routes that could be used to get into and around the city. Since then, further independent research, carried out in June, identified that 84 per cent of Sydney residents regard a bike network as important.

The Bridge to Bridge route involved ongoing consultation with local businesses and residents and City staff are on the ground talking to bike riders and pedestrians to ensure that everyone understands how to safely use the new bike route.

“A number of bike corridors are now being improved in the city and the Bridge to Bridge route is one of many interconnected bicycle routes which will form part of a 200km network that will help keep Sydney moving and ease congestion on our roads,” Ms Moore said.

A cycleway on the southern section of College Street will also open this week, which will eventually link to King Street as a safe and convenient route into the city from the east as well as connecting with the Bridge to Bridge route.

Ms Moore said: “Bike riding is a smart and sustainable transport option for short inner Sydney trips, which is why the numbers of bike riders in Sydney is increasing rapidly.

“We all want to live in a city that is easy to get around, and has clean air as well as safe and lively streets. To achieve this we need to reduce rising traffic and pollution levels and give Sydneysiders more transport options.”

6 Responses to “Bridge to Bridge – Sydney's first complete cycleway route”
  1. Matt_D says:

    ‘being an experienced cyclist I thought I’d ignore the new path as a slow alternative to on-road, but the reduction in stress and pleasure of using these paths makes up for the small amount of time lost. … this has made Sydney a better place!!’
    Couldn’t have put it better myself, Sydney (& Clover) you guys rock!

  2. Patrick says:

    The Kent street cycleway is a world leading piece of infrastructure, the linkage to the Harbour Bridge cycleway (the underpass in particular) is particularly well-thought. The only area of improvement is the phasing of the traffic lights which is unworkable (basically you have to ignore them, do a headcheck and go when the normal green light is available). I was surprised being an experienced cyclist I thought I’d ignore the new path as a slow alternative to on-road, but the reduction in stress and pleasure of using these paths makes up for the small amount of time lost. Congratulations, this has made Sydney a better place!!

  3. Karen says:

    This is all really inspiring thank you, We have a long way to go here in the UK, but we are making a start with some really good cycle tracks now. Anything that promotes cycling has to be good

  4. tsanko says:

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  5. Elaena says:

    There is still much work to do to connect and signpost the cycleways to create a comprehensive network. There’s also much to do to have the RTA prioritise the mobility of people in the city rather than the flow of motor vehicles.

  6. Darryl Chrisp says:

    I recently worked for a few months at Alexandria and had a chance to use the Bourke Rd cycleway. It is great if you are heading north towards the CBD but trying to get on to it heading south is often too hard. Several days there were vans, utes or taxis parked in it.
    Yesterday, I used the College St cycleway going in to the Ride-to-work-day breakfast and found it OK but the surface is rougher than the roadway. Going home from the CBD I found they have removed one pedestrian crossing to Hyde Park from Macquarie St. Then the cycleway along Hyde Park north is incomplete so I had to ride on the roadway on College St. I headed south down College St but the difficulty of actually getting across into the cycleway was too much effort so I stayed in the main road. I would have had to cross College St twice for little benefit.
    I use King St cycleway often but I really am getting sick of waiting at traffic lights while cars in the same direction of travel have a green light. Then, when I cross York St the safe haven disappears.
    Cycleways are convenient if you are petrified of motor vehicles but I am not sure they suit my commuting needs now or in the near future.


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