Sample of New Cycling Infrastructure

We will be seeing this more often as the City of Sydney rolls out 200kms of cycling infrasturcture across the city. The piece you about to see is the north end of Kent St. It deals with cyclists coming and going from the Harbour Bridge. Specifically the pedestrian underpass. Remember that this is not complete and Kent St will be getting a similar treatment.

One Response to “Sample of New Cycling Infrastructure”
  1. John says:

    Awesome to see some acknowledgement that cyclists exist.

    This section, one of the busiest in Sydney, is preceeded by a narrow footbridge with 2 blind right angle turns, a sharp descent, and a footpath with infant and primary school children, so be nice to see some thought put into how to extend this back to the bridge deck.

    Personally I’d like to see a little slippy surface on the hard right leading into it so I can slide the back wheel in; the turn in is that sharp. Left!! He must’ve been a foreigner 🙂

    And then running with bulls – err buses – down York St at peak hour is always an experience. I believe we can legally assert some claim to that red bus lane?


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