What Riding means to Me

I cycle; I ride a bicycle; I commute by bike. Call it as you wish. The fact is that I own a bicycle and I use it. I don’t ride it everyday, it depends on the weather but I use it every week. A bike is a simple tool for me, like a mobile phone. I need it, I use it.

I ride wearing dresses and heels. I ride wearing pants and trainers. My hair looks great; my helmet merely a hat.

Thanks to cycling I discovered a stunning little grocery shop on Pitt street in Redfern and many gorgeous cafes on Enmore road. Riding a bike allowed me to slow down, explore the local neighbourhoods. There are times when a car is useful, and times when travelling by train or bus makes so much more sense; and finally, times when hopping on a bicycle makes my trip faster, cheaper and simply more fun. Ideally, I’d always have a choice.

Edyta Krygowska


Riding encourages me to visit Sydney's Harbour foreshore


Riding permits ice cream


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