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In February 2012 BIKESydney submitted a response to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s review of the State Environmental Planning Policy No 65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development and the Residential Flat Design Code.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that an increase in active transport can deliver significant cost savings to government, reduce traffic congestion, improve the health of the population, and contribute to a greater sense of community cohesion and well-being.

Our submission highlighted that:

  • A growing number of State and Federal planning guidelines promote the need for sustainable transport, active living and integrated transport and land use planning.
  • The primary community opposition to new developments relates to traffic impacts.  It is in the interest of developers and consent authorities to minimise car use by potential residents to improve the acceptability of new developments.
  • To reduce car use and encourage active transport the SEPP 65 Design Principles and Residential Flat Building Design Code should explicitly include references to active transport.
  • The SEPP should include minimum rates for bicycle parking/storage.
  • The Residential Flat Design Code should explicitly direct developments to provide adequate storage space.  Secure, accessible and adequate storage is frequently overlooked in building design, but has been identified as one of the most important considerations in promoting active transport.  Storage should be multi-purpose and inclusive.  Adequate storage is not just useful for bicycles, but also for a range of other essential items such as prams, wheelchairs and sporting equipment.
  • We also provide recommendations relating to accessibility, families and children, policy, decision making, resourcing and the use of case studies to demonstrate best practice.

Download:   Putting People First: Promoting sustainable transport and active living through improved residential flat building
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